1. Gravity: The Videogame (provisory name)

    I am currently working on a puzzle videogame using the Godot Engine.

    This description will be updated in the future.

  2. Player RTP for LG WebOS

    An open-source unofficial RTP Play client for LG WebOS TVs.

  3. RTP Player API

    An open-source unofficial API server for Player RTP for WebOS based on scrapping RTP Play.

  4. IOBuzz

    An open-source application for interacting with Playstation Buzz Buzzers.

    The application connects to a remote server (IOBuzz Server) and send and receive commands that can be used in a videogame.

  5. IOBuzz Server

    An open-source implementation of a game server capable of sending and receiving messages to and from a compatible IOBuzz client.

    The server allows the creation of different game rooms with several players, allowing people to play quiz games online.

    No game compatible with this server has been developed.

  6. Using MB Way for Recurring Payments

    Together with my friend and colleague Luis Félix, I participated in in the 2019 Edition of the Pixels Camp Event Hackathon.

    We conceptualized the idea of using MB Way, a portuguese Payments System, for making recurring payments and managing subscriptions.

    We were awarded the 6th place in the competition with this project.

  7. Projeto ECT UA

    I was the coordinator of the ECT UA Project, the non-official forum of Computers and Telematics Engineering students. This project has since been discontinued.

  8. Species catalogue

    A project created for a friend who needed an on-line insects catalogue for his graduation project.

    This project uses HTML and Javascript for front-end and Firebase for data storage, meaning it does not rely on any self-installed CMS.

  9. Students & Teachers @DETI 2017

    I was responsible for developing the website for the 2017 edition of the Students & Teachers @Deti event in Aveiro.

  10. Students & Teachers @DETI 2016

    I was responsible for developing the website for the 2016 edition of the Students & Teachers @Deti event in Aveiro.

  11. ENEI 2016

    I was part of the team that developed the website for the 2016 edition of the National Encounter of Informatics Students in Aveiro.