David Silva

A person with a strong passion for web technologies



Player RTP for LG WebOS

An open-source unofficial port of RTP Play for LG WebOS TVs.


RTP Player API

An open-source unofficial API server for Player RTP for WebOS based on scrapping RTP Play.


Projeto ECT UA

I was the coordinator of the ECT UA Project, the non-official forum of Computers and Telematics Engineering students.


Species catalogue

A project created for a friend who needed an on-line insects catalogue for his graduation project.

This project uses HTML and Javascript for front-end and Firebase for data storage, meaning it does not rely on any self-installed CMS.


Students & Teachers @DETI

I was responsible for developing the website for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Students & Teachers @Deti event in Aveiro.


Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Inform√°tica

I was part of the team that developed the website for the 2016 edition of the National Encounter of Informatics Students in Aveiro.