About me

My name is David Silva. I am a 29 years-old Software Engineer with experience in Angular, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

I have a Master's Degree in Computer and Telematics Engineer, worked as a researcher for a year, and have 4 years of experience working at a start-up developing an ERP Solution.

Since I was a child I have always been passionate about computers and understanding how things worked. I mostly enjoyed spending my free time reading the Microsoft Office or Windows Help documentation and making PowerPoint presentations just for fun.

As I grew older and started entering my teenage years, my interests started to shift towards tech support. I participated in several discussion boards on those topics, where I helped several people diagnose problems caused by malware or misconfigurations on their Windows installs.

At the age of 16, I started seeing the web as a tool for making amazing things. With my personal WordPress blog, I learned the basics of programming with PHP, HTML, and CSS, Linux, Apache HTTP Server, Nginx and DNS settings.

During my university years I was a member of GrETUA, the experimental theatre group of the University of Aveiro, where I was part of the coordination team in 2013.

Still at the university, in 2016, I joined the Institute of Electronic and Telematics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA) as a Researcher in the field of Medical Imaging. There, I developed a web-based solution for evaluating the compliance of PACS applications with the DICOM standard. This was my first experience with Angular and Emscripten and where I understood the power of WebAssembly and Web Components. From my work at this institution resulted the following two papers where I am listed as a co-author:

  • Web Validation Service for Ensuring Adherence to the DICOM Standard
    Jorge Miguel Silva, Tiago Marques Godinho, David Silva, Carlos Costa
    January 2017 - Studies in health technology and informatics 235:38-42

  • A community-driven validation service for standard medical imaging objects
    Jorge Miguel Silva, Tiago Marques Godinho, David Silva, Carlos Costa
    January 2019 - Computer Standards & Interfaces Volume 61:121-128

After my graduation in 2018, I joined Satcom International AG as a Front-End Developer, where I stayed until 2022. During my period at this company, I was responsible for application development, software architecture decisions, project planning, writing guidelines, conducting interviews, coordinating teams, gathering requirements from customers, ensuring an up-to-date documentation, and defining the company's engineering processes, among other responsibilities.

I always try to keep myself up-to-date with open-source technologies. I have even made some contributions to an Angular date picker library (ngx-daterangepicker-material), as well as developed some minor projects in my spare time.