David Silva

A person with a strong passion for web technologies

About me

My name is David Silva. I was born in 1993 in Paredes (Porto), Portugal.

Ever since I was a child I have always been passionate about computers and understanding how things worked. I mostly enjoyed spending my free time reading the Microsoft Office or Windows Help documentation and making PowerPoint presentations just for fun.

As I grew older and started entering my teenage years, my interests started to shift towards tech support. I participated in several discussion boards on those topics, where I helped several people diagnose problems caused by malware or misconfigurations on their Windows installs.

At the age of 16, I created my first personal blog from scratch using WordPress. It was my first programming experience and with it I learned about HTML, CSS, PHP, Apache, Nginx, DNS servers and Linux.

During my university years I was a member of GrETUA, the experimental theatre group of the University of Aveiro, where I was part of the coordination team in 2013.

In 2016 I joined IEETA as a Junior Researcher in the field of Medical Imaging. There I created DICOM Validator, a web-based solution for evaluating the compliance of PACS applications with the DICOM standard. It was my first experience with Angular and Emscripten. From my work at this institution resulted the following two papers where I am listed as a co-author:

  • Web Validation Service for Ensuring Adherence to the DICOM Standard
    Jorge Miguel Silva, Tiago Marques Godinho, David Silva, Carlos Costa
    January 2017 - Studies in health technology and informatics 235:38-42

  • A community-driven validation service for standard medical imaging objects
    Jorge Miguel Silva, Tiago Marques Godinho, David Silva, Carlos Costa
    January 2019 - Computer Standards & Interfaces Volume 61:121-128

I graduated with a Master's Degree on Computers and Telematics Engineering at the University of Aveiro in 2018.

Currently I am working as a Project Manager at Satcom International AG.